Dorico Pro 4 Film Score - Score Relief 2022 - Sprite Fright

I added a tutorial to my YouTube channel on how I approach the production of a written score that goes to the orchestra.

Being a Jazz musician, and piano player with skills in improvisation, I prefer to write my scores in Cubase.

Here are the steps:

  • Open Cubase and import the video file
  • Spot the film and add event markers as needed for In and Out points, as well as Hit points.
  • Build the tempo map so that it syncs correctly with the markers
  • Write the score based on the tempo map
  • Cleanup a copy of the score’s MIDI tracks
  • Export it as a MIDI file and then import it into Dorico (or give it to an orchestrator)
  • Tidy up the score in Dorico and print the parts to PDF, ready to deliver to the orchestra

This video is a view of the conductor’s score as it follows the unfolding of the story. The first time through will be with NotePerformer 3 from within Dorico Pro 4. The second time through will be with the Cubase Pro 11 mockup.

Click here if you would like to download a copy of the score to follow along (1037 KB) -

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