Do you work in the box, out of the box or with one foot in and one foot out of the box?

Hey all!

My first question for you amazing people is this:

Do you mix completely in the box or out of the box, or a mix. What benefits do you experience in the workflow that you have created.

Can’t wait to hear your responses!

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In terms of mixing I work exclusively in the box. My workflow is built around Softube’s Console 1 and the icon platform M+. The EQ, compressing and other effects are controlled using the Console 1. When it comes to balancing the actual sound stage, this is where I use the platform M+. The motorised faders give you a lovely tactile feel when mixing.

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I share time across in and out of the box and have 2 daw workstations, one oriented to hardware and a digital console … the other daw is all in the box …

I sometimes think I have 1 foot in the box and one foot on a banana !

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Depends on how taxed my computer is on the track I am working on. If I can do it ALL in the box, I do. That way I can make edits to the track overall if need be. That’s just me.

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Keith I totally empathise. Often I’m revamping things and using pedals for compression etc which totally gives a unique workflow. Though it’s really hit and miss if you rush it.

Ah yeah my CPU isn’t my friend these days either. Really need to grab a new one.

Do you have any ways that you get around this issue?

I mix completely in the box so for now it’s more than ok for me, but of course step by step will be getting a analog gear :slight_smile:

Yeah my analog gear consists of pedals. Though I’ll probabt be grabbing an 1176 atereo pair at some point (warm audio)

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1176 is a great product … I have the 6176 pair …they are magical… you can set a track in the mix in a m
matter of minutes

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Oh I’m super jealous. I’ll be consulting you when I grab my first pair. Maybe you could tell me all the hidden secrets (evil villain hands)

What you’ll find is the controls on the 1176 ,6176 will find the sweet spot very quickly …

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