Do you use a MIDI Expression Pedal?

I have been toying with the idea of getting a MIDI Expression Pedal in order to add expression to my performances while still performing with both hands on my MIDI Keyboard.

This way I could use the expression pedal for one CC-value, and my breath controller for another.

Do you have experience with expression pedals, and if so, are they worth it? :slight_smile:

This is the one I am considering:

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Hi Everyone,
I do have a volume /expression pedal but it was used for my guitar processors
and soon I getting back the pedal from a friend that has had it a long while :grinning:

I love this this idea Mike :+1:

What is the best way to set up for my mod wheel for expression control

Ok I have one mod wheel set up for volume
And the volume knob I want to set it to the expression control
How do I do this in Logic or better yet where the expression control ?

MOD-wheel sends out CC1. The instrument you control is then mapped to “listen to” CC1 for a specific parameter. In most cases “dynamics” = loudness is premapped.

So, all controls are mapped in the software instrument to your input controller. Not in Logic, at least I have never done it that way as that is more mixing automation, not performance expression. I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

PS. Here is a video I made on how to map CC from a breath controller to for example expression parameters in Omnisphere, or a sample library. I know this is not what you asked, but I think it might give you a better clarity of how mapping CC works. :slight_smile:

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Very cool!!! :grinning:
Love it

Ok I looked up my midi keyboard irigs pro 37 keys

This knob controls MIDI Volume (CC#07) on iRig KEYS PRO by default,

Modulation Wheel messages (MIDI CC#01)

So do I just resign of these default midi CC

To midi CC 11 which is expression ?
Can I use this for
can then be used for crescendos and decrescendos?

In most instruments (orchestral and acoustic instruments) MOD-wheel controls dynamics, which is what crescendos and decrescendos are made from.

Expression = CC11 is basically just a volume controller, just like CC7.

You can use CC11 or CC7 for “riding the volume”, but just know that this will only affect volume, and not tone and timbre like changing dynamics will do. :slight_smile:

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What do I need to set this in Logic Pro X with my keyboard so
I Assigning ModWheel to CC 11 (Expression) in Logic Pro X and it will timbre and dynamics?

Here is what I have and working very limited

Is their anything I do ?

You don’t set anything in Logic, all CC expression data is assigned per instrument. In the plugin window for the instrument I mean.

Here is a video where I show different expression in Omnisphere:

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Ok I think I get this
The plugins or software depends on what I can or cannot do with CC commands os that Correct?

Yes, and sadly there is no standard. =/
The developer of the plugin and software instrument chooses what CC does to which parameters. But the good thing, is that many plugins you can re-map yourself…like I showed in the video. :slight_smile:

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I was watching one Your Studio with Mike
and You did something I would like to do in Logic
You had piano where You played piano and then use the mod wheel to bring in the string
How would I set that up in Logic ?

Ah, that is my “sketch track”. I usually create a track stack on top of my project, and then in that I have a piano track + a string track. I love this combination. Then I play “The Track Stack”, so basically I play both of these instruments at the same time :slight_smile:

Then on the string track, the sample library, the MOD-wheel controls the dynamics. That is most often the case on strings, brass, woodwinds etc.

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