Do you have experience with ROLI Seaboard?

I have been looking at this product for years now, but since MIDI 2.0 with polyphonic expression is not yet here completely, and very few instruments support it, it seems like a very niche product still?

If you own it, can you for example use it in Omnisphere, Kontakt etc. with that amazing expression still easily available?


hahaha as if I had a commission for selling the Seaboard (I should :slight_smile: but I have written in several parts of your forum about it, here is once more:

Get it!!! You’ll love it, and it is not such a steep learning curve, it is super intuitive, your hand and fingers will know what to do. ( I bought also all its synths and software, you may not need to get them all. I don’t much time right now, but I’ll try and review them)

Get the SeaBoard Block, its inexpensive…

Cheers Mike!


I am very tempted, haha. I am not sure if a block would be best for me, since I like those extra controls on the side of the bigger version. However, yes it is way more expensive though.


Its MPE, it already has 5 different sound modulating intrinsic to the “keyboard”… so you will not miss them very much… I think that’s the main idea…
At least for now, its good enough for me, I don’t think on getting the non-block version… maybe in a year or two when changes have been made upon this new Midi 2.0… then I will think of buying new controllers… I might get the lightpad block… for modulating other instruments…


Good point, but I was also thinking about doing live music video type performances for my YouTube channel . and it might look better on video with a bigger keyboard so I can play both hands.

Although they feel and functions almost the same, definitively the non-block looks better and more professional…

The Osmosis I don’t know if it will convince me -I want it to convince me, I love hardware!. The thing, it is more expensive, but I believe it has less capabilities than the Seaboard… (just the seamless transition -like a fretless bass, where you can go completely chromatic independently with each hand/finger, while applying aftertouch and vibrato…);

…the Osmosis is structurally non continuous -discrete, whereas the SeaBoard can be discreet or continous at the same time…

And to keep pointing it out, the SeaBoard Block I take everywhere… is super portable and wherever wherever I can get into a creative process…

Which will you prefer?

Osmosis or SeaBoard?


Well, I’m (obviously) leaning towards the Osmose, part because it’s closer to the traditional keyboard, but perhaps mostly because I’m hoping for something like that incredibly sensitive, tactile nature of the Touché. Oh, and I miss the days of rock solid ultra low latency hardware synthesis, so a capable synth engine is a welcome bonus, of course.

That said, there’s a Rise 49 on my wishlist, along with a better violin, a viola, a double bass, a flügelhorn, and… well, you get the idea. :wink: I don’t think there will ever be one single tool that’s perfect for every job.


definitively I get that idea. I not just love Hardware, but software… so I have to keep that in mind and kind of restrain myself…
About the Touche, I haven’t been able to really use it… I don’t own one… ,do you think it still worthy?


Well, since the Touché is so fast and sensitive (almost audio rate), you can add a level of subtle detail and percussive transients that few other controllers allow. Synth programming with it is like creating a virtual string or drum skinn, and then being able to physically tap, slap, strike, and slide your fingers over it. No need for envelopes or LFOs to do musically useful things.

One interesting technique is to use your thumb to transfer arm weight into it for big and slow motions, while using your fingers to add transients over that. Since there are two vertical sensors (front and back), it also matters where on the pad you place thumb and fingers.

I think the Touché is definitely worth having for its unique capabilities alone, if you’re into that sort of stuff, but it certainly a great high precision 4D controller for the usual modulation, expression, and bending as well.

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I was being convinced… but then I remember, €400.00

I think I could bring that modulation, pretty similar with the Seaboard… I’ll experiment and let you all know. (use a midi controller keyboard, but modulate it with the seaboard 5D touch… that’ll be cool, I’ll try that wiring. I am sure it can be done with the Lightpad Block from seaboard… not as expressive it seems, as the Touche, but almost)

I saw the videos for the Osmose… What I’m concerned is that the keys, they seemed despaired height… rendering the Osmose uncomfortable or difficult to play… I hope they fixed it for production.

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Well, unless you need the CV outputs and extra remapping features, the SE version is about half the price of the original Touché, but indeed; it’s still pretty steep…

I would expect the production Osmose to have much better precision and finish. It’s all custom parts, and the prototype looks… well, like a prototype. :slight_smile: With the tiny “hinges” of a typical synth key, extreme precision is necessary for perfect alignment, and that’s not happening without a proper manufacturing line and a few test batches.

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you’re right. I do am aiming for the Osmose, I might wait until the second iteration.


Wow!!! just WoW!!! 5D Touch on the Seaboard RISE and Osmose

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