Divertissement-a-quatre: for flute, oboe, clarinetBb, bassoon

A very short short piece that I wrote to try the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra library.
Piece for: Flute, Oboe, Bb Clarinet and Bassoon.
Style: a little contemporary, with answers between instruments.
Tone: G major.
Tempo: 120 to the Quaver.


You forgot to add the track name + music style in the post title. Please edit your post title.

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Hello Mike.
I just corrected the title, but I do not know if everything is correct now. Sorry for my mistakes.

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It looks good now, thank you. :slight_smile:

IMPORTANT: Remember that for every track you post in here you must give detailed feedback on 1 other track.

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Fun little track, not sure what I would add tbh, would suit british drama perhaps documentary …

Thank you so much. It’s a small piece written without a definite purpose. Only to test the vienna symphonic library. But why not, a little more developed for a British crime series …

Hi, I thought the entire piece was really well done. Really enjoyed it. My only issue was more a sound design one. I’d rather hear the final chord sustained with a decrescendo than end abruptly. cheers

Thank you for your comment.
As I explained in my previous answers, these pieces of music were an exercise to know how my new Vienna Instruments library sounded. I wrote as we did in time, a sheet of paper, a pencil and an eraser, except that I did it with “Sibelius”, my pencil being the mouse, with the advantage of being able to hear immediately what you write.
The old method is just hearing in your head.
All this to explain that there is not really a mix, but I recognize that a descrescendo at the end would have been better.
As we are on the threshold of the new years, best wishes for 2020 to all composers !!!

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