Did I harmonize these chords properly?

I was trying out my new guitar, dialed in a nice guitar setting and came up with this melody

I then attempted to use a PIano VST to come up with some chords, those being:

D - Bmin7 - F#M - Em

Do they sound like they work?

I am open to advice and suggestions - thank you and be well


PS: I am not sure why Soundcloud is not embedding herein

Yes, Soundcloud seems less and less accommodating lately. If you do manage to get something up we can listen to, it would be hard to tell if it works unless you can give some idea of the kind of harmony you’re shooting for. Today, anything [literally] “works” for some people.

Dissonance, and even plain old noise is growing in popularity, especially for film soundtracks. Musically, no matter what notes you use, there is only either consonance or dissonance, so harmony is always relative to those. If there happens to be alot of dissonance - in the way of tone clusters or deliberately dissonant chords - and you intended it that way, then it ‘works’ as you intended.

But someone may not like it, or care that it was intentionally recorded that way. So any answer on whether it works would be a matter of individual taste. I don’t like the fact that this is where we are now with music, but I’ve been critical enough in the past to be set straight that everything is only a matter of taste now. There are no more conventions allowed to be taken seriously. That is, you can’t get away with saying this is good music and that is crap, without responses like “Ok, boomer” or some other challenge to the fact that some music will remain relevant while other music has faded as fast it trended into relevancy.