Demo incoming for Chris Hein's Orchestral Brass and Winds

Hi fellow composers,
I wanted to let you know that I’m working on an orchestral mockup for the Uncharted Theme to showcase some of the instruments from Chris Hein’s libraries (brass and winds). I think I will finish editing the video and publish it on my YT Channel next sunday, in case any of you is interested I will share it here


Love the music in uncharted - looking forward to hearing the demo :+1: Could you post up a link to your channel?

Hi Phil! Sure, here’s the link to my YouTube Channel

Absolutely, that is what this section is for in the forum: demos and reviews of sample libraries, plugins etc. Looking forward to your demo as I have been interested in Chris Hein libraries :slight_smile:

PS. Please update your profile to include your real name, as I created this forum as a fellowship of composers. I want every member to be able to address everyone by their first name. :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t bother you, I’d rather go with my aka. I understand your reasons, but I’m trying to build a brand, my aka in unique, my real name isn’t

I see, well then at least add your first name and add your brand name in parenthesis. :wink:
I made this one of the main rules of the community to show at least your first name, for many reasons. The only exceptions are brand partners (Developers etc.).

Fair enough, change my profile as you suggessted. I’ll share the link to the video next week, once it’s uploaded

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Ah, thank you very much. I really want to have this community as much “friendship” focused as possible. Now, all of sudden just by you adding your first name I recognize you from the Facebook group. At first I did not. Big difference! :smiley:

I am really looking forward to that video, Chris Hein’s instrument libraries get very little demos and videos online for some reason =/

I feel that it’s because there’s not enough “honest” demos on YouTube and they’re not “aggresively” market as other libraries. As a consequence nobody wants to invest the money (they’re affordable, but not cheap) hence, there’s nobody making new demos. It’s a loop

Yes I suppose those are factors that might contribute, btw you will do demos of brass and winds, not strings?

No, I don’t own the strings library. Back when I purchased brass and winds he recently released Solo Strings and a few months later came Strings Ensemble. I don’t know if I’m going to play it safe and use Symphony Collections’ Strings or test my new Session Strings Pro template. Maybe I’ll do both, if I have enough time