Days of Old - Fantasy/Adventure Composition

RULES: Here is a track that has been heavily inspired by all of the great new Fantasy Adventure TV shows that have recently been released such as The Witcher and The Wheel of Time. Hope you like it! There is plenty of other stuff on my YouTube channel if you would like to hear more :smiley:

Genre/Style: Fantasy/Adventure

Creative Vision for the Track: Something that would fit in the Witcher/Wheel of Time/Game of Thrones realm of fantasy/adventure

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): F#m/modulating

Main Instruments used: SA Albion ONE and Solstice, Heavyocity Damage 2


Cool piece Jacob!. It reminded me of something by Winifred Phillips. What was the instrument that was playing that quite rhythmic ostinato at the beginning?

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Great track Jacob! It flowed really well from segment to segment. The drums in the background were well placed and blended without overpowering the composition but kept the rhythm moving. Thanks for sharing it.

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Thanks Matt! :smiley: Really appreciate you having a listen. Hope you had a wonderful holidays mate :+1: I believe that instrument is a pan pipe of some sort :joy: It sounds like an overblown flute also though. I’m still getting my head around all of the instruments if I am honest hahah

Thank you ever so much for taking the time to listen Chris, I really do appreciate that. What lovely compliments. Hope you had a lovely time this Christmas my mate :+1: :smiley:

Nice! Nailed that fantasy style. Catchy melodic writing over exciting rhythmic elements. I enjoyed it very much!


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Very kind words once again Steven. Thanks as ever for listening. I really do appreciate you always taking the time.

I think my favourite part is the middle section where it has the really fast staccato parts, I wish I had made more use of that actually. Maybe I will revisit it someday when a project calls for it.

Hope you are well and ended the holiday season,


I hope you do revisit it- I think there’s potential for a lot of excitement and anticipation of more to come with that section!

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Nice work, Jacob! You did a nice job of foreshadowing the visual changes. The music progressed well on it’s own plus it complemented the film. Not always easy to do both at the same time!! Well done!

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Thanks ever so much Stan, that’s great to hear. I am really trying to get to grips with writing to picture at the minute as I am trying to get into Media Composition. The fact that you commented on how it compliments the picture is really appreciated!

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