Dark music contest- 'Wrath'

Hi all

here’s my entry for contest :slight_smile: not had time sadly to put together a full orchestral track like I wanted to , but have been working on a dark trailer track so hopefully you’ll like :slight_smile:

Standard trailer setup, with mixture of synths and orchestra. Plugins used were various e.g ark one, forzo, ava instinct , damage, ANA 2.

The feel of this track was possibly sci fi, end of the world style dark track, wanted to get that foreboding presence in there .

Hope you enjoy


Hi @BenBeard!

Good work! Two things I would suggest for the future, make more “breaks” so editors have more control over cutting the track in parts…that makes their life easier and actually sometimes music needs to have some “rests” too, so people stay excited.
Mixing-wise I would say you lack a little bit of bass. I couldn’t really identify something in that area besides the drums. Always reference against some similar type tracks, so you don’t get lost. You can layer synth-bass with your traditional elements, so the bottom-end gets bigger and has more “whooomph” :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Alexey :slight_smile:

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I’d say you succeeded in the dark, foreboding feel in this piece. There are times it feels almost positive, then there’s a change in chords (or key) in a warped way that gives it a feeling like a twisted ending.

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Awsome track which I could get somewhere near to this. Love the feel of it and really nicely mixed as well.

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wow very powerfull dark trailler you have composed, agree with Alexey add some bass , you have a lot of trebble and medium but not enough basses
good job on this track

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yeh for some reason the basses aren’t coming out in the mix, cause they’re definitely there in the track . I’ll have a look at it , as its going to be on my first album i submit to the trailer houses so want it to be perfect :slight_smile:

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Sounds great. Great job with the trailer structure! The darkness really comes in with the third act. Congrats on getting an album ready for submission. I wonder if some lower choirs would add to the darkness a bit.

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Quite possibly, something I might play around with this week, make the second act a bit more interesting. Thanks for tip :slight_smile:

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I’m literally in love with the piano in your track, the sound is so magical! And basically the first hit that comes in just steals all my attention, so well done! And the bending brass, just wow! If you are open to share, how did you do the bending? Maybe if you have some tips, youtube tutorial… where can I learn that? I’m eager to try something like this too, but have no idea how to approach this :blush:
There is one thing I didnt like, the last one loud vocal syllable at the end - there seems to be some modulation which kind of… gives away that the vocals are artificial?

Anyway, you have my vote :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the kind words Mia, glad you enjoyed it so much :slight_smile: Its actually really easy to do, theres two way’s I did it , firstly I have ‘Forzo’ which is the only brass vst I’ve come across which you can do a downwards bend in the UI, and its a preset, so thats really good, but you can also do it as an automation in logic pro, and do pitch bend, which i did on my ark 1 patches and worked just as nicely. just automate down to -30 or so ( whatever bend you’re going for ) and that should do it :slight_smile: If you check youtube theres tutorials on automation ( assuming your using logic pro ) and that should explain it better.

not sure what you mean at the end with vocals , there is a riser underneath which maybe what your referring to?


Thanks for the quick explanation, I have an idea now… I wasnt really sure that automation works for changing the pitch - I have just recently started to play with it a bit :slight_smile: So thanks! I’ll definitely try that out.

Ohh, well it might be the raiser underneath the vocals, might be even worse quality on soundcloud… not sure, but the sound at 2:28 just feels a bit strange :slight_smile: just my opinion :blush: