Dark / Action Music - Deadly Encounter

Genre/Style: Dark/Action Music

Creative Vision for the Track:Driven by the movie film “The Knowing” I wrote my music with this end-time drama in my mind The music does not tell the story of the movie. The story I invented is different but the feel is the same. There is no escape and this time the earth will be hit and destroy by a drifting little planet. This is an invented story.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): tempo is 140 bpm, signature 4/4, Chords Cminor, Ostinato in the strings, percussion groove, Pedaltone in the doublebass, Sustain note from bends trombones, percussive Brass hits, a group violins play staccto notes with a lot of dissoanances shift to different chord extensions- this is the suspense mood working.
The piece begins soft und quiet , then it increases the strength, in the middle is the climax and then the composition decrease step by step.

Main Instruments used: mostly strings divided in the parts: ostinato, Staccato motifs and embellishment; further more percussion and soundeffects, heavy Horns give the sound more bite.

Deadly Encounter

Deadly Encounter Version II

Hope you will enjoy the piece and feel free to comment and to say what you think about the piece.

Klaus Ferretti

Very suspenseful and would work well in an apocalyptic I really liked the stressful horns they work so well (also the sort of dissonant ones). Just one thing I would have done is to try and have a smoother ending as it stops quite suddenly. But overall great job!

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