" Danza Veneziana " - Laurent Koleda

RULES: Dear friends,

I am happy to present to you my latest composition called “Danza Venziana”

it’s a dance that I imagined in the context of the Venetian period.

Genre/Style: Classique

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): the tempo is 130 bpm

Main Instruments used:

  • Strings : Lass, Spitfire Audio and Orchestral Tools

  • Woodwinds : only Spitfire Audio

  • Percussions : Sam Project et HZ01 of Spitfire Audio

  • harpsichord and Harp : Project Sam

Youtube Link : Danza Veneziana - YouTube

Thanks for your listening


A very fun and lively piece, Laurent! It definitely had the period feel. I would have liked to hear the harpsichord come out a bit more to give even more of that Baroque feel, but that’s just my taste.

Great job!


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Hi Matt,

thank you for your return … yes, my idea was to make a dancing piece, like a costume farandole where people have fun.

for the harpsichord, I mixed it very low, because it lacked credibility (I have to find another more realistic one)

Thanks again for your word.

Laurent- wonderful piece! Very catchy, very memorable! Nicely orchestrated. Love the little sections of moving to a minor key. Love the energy!

I wonder if, possibly, it might be nice somewhere in the middle of the piece, to have a short section in which the primary rhythmic pulse (quarter-eighth) takes a short break? Just pondering the creating of that slight space to not let that pulse start to feel repetitious. Just my two cents…

You have a wonderful talent; I wish I could create classical orchestrations as beautiful as this!

Steven Laurent :^)

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Hello Steven,

Thank you for your kind comments. very glad you like it.

in fact, from the start, I wanted a piece with this continuous “beat”, with the idea of ​​a dance in costumes of the time where people would have fun without stopping.

but, having said that, you give me the idea of ​​perhaps doing a version with more nuances and with more baroque instrumentation.

Thanks again Steven