Damage 2 - Best Epic Percussion EVER!?

Hello Composers, Mike here! :slight_smile:
So, Damage 2 is out finally. Is it the Best Epic Percussion EVER!? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just found out about this today! Not exactly looking for more libraries currently - but, as a huge fan of Heavyocity’s former products, especially for that organic sound design aspect, this one deserves a closer look. Really liking what I hear so far… :slight_smile:

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David…seriously. You NEED this. :stuck_out_tongue:
However, I should point out that as far as fan boy-ism goes…Spectrasonics and Heavyocity seems to always make me happy with whatever they release! :wink:

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Btw, the difference is huge between Damage 1 and 2. All new material, and WAY better dynamic/round robin response imo.

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Indeed, I think I do need this! :smiley:

Seriously, apart from the obvious epic score applications, I’m hearing stuff that’s just what I’m looking for in my quest on the darker side of things. I need the kind of sounds where you can basically just play a thundering pulse, and people will be reaching for their shotguns, wondering when the demons will start spawning.

BTW, I see now why people are using real instruments and analog gear for this kind of stuff… Synths are fun and all, but adding some serious distortion is like accidentally dropping your pants! Brings any remaining “synthiness” right back out, so programming something that actually sounds good is almost harder than emulating clean acoustic instruments. Digital synthesis is just not the right tool for this job.

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From what I’ve herd/seen I can’t justify it at the moment. The room sound is great and the samples are great too. The samples sound nearly identical in style and sound to the original though which I’d like more variation in personally.

The features that excite me though are the rolls, they sound great and will be extremely useful! The three layer soundstage will speed up the scoring process and hopefully force composers to mix quieter, which is always a good thing.

I’ll be deliberating this for a while as it will definitely be a great workflow edition and a good expansion to Damage 1.

@Mikael I’d also just like to say that after watching your video I think your demo of the instrument was the best on YouTube to date. I’ve only just got around to listening but this has actually changed my mind on a few things I initially thought above.

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Thanks, and let me emphasize that the sound quality difference is actually way more prominent than many have commented on. It’s more evident if you A/B the libraries and try them out side by side (which I probably should have included in the review in hindsight, but oh well. :slight_smile:


I just bought Damage 2 and have a question I am hoping someone here has the answer to…

How do you find out which note each drum is tuned to by default so you know whether or not to adjust the tuning to vibe with the song key in your DAW?

Or, is tuning each drum more of an EDM thing?

Thank you all as always and I look forward to any advice you might have

I never tune samples of drums or percussion, unless it’s for experimental sound design. But I guess you could use the tuner insert effect on the track if you want to see what pitch it is.

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Mike - thank you for the reply - I’ve tried using the tuner as an insert but it is all over the place when it comes to drums

That is because drums don’t really have a “tuned pitch”, as most of the frequency spectrum is “noise” when it comes to percussion. Some drums may have “kind of” a root pitch though. And some are indeed tuned like Timpani, Mallets etc. :slight_smile:

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