Da Fingaz Presents: An Ambient Christmas: Silent Night

I released an ambient Christmas project last week and decided to choose one of those to enter here.

The link should start right at the beginning of my ambient “Silent Night” rendition (finishing at the 17:14 mark). Feel free to listen to the whole project though (“Silent Night” is my submission for this contest).

Have a Happy Holiday season everyone!


Great job Marcus! This is nice and relaxing. I could totally put this on while in bed! :smile:

Happy holidays to you!

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I like it. Very cool vibe. When the terminators replace humans, this is the kind of tunes they’ll play at Christmas. With Kenny G-1000 on the synthaphone. Seriously, nice work!

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Thanks, Matt! Let the whole project spin on repeat all week! :blush:

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:rofl:🥲:joy::joy::joy: Kenny G-1000 :rofl::rofl::rofl: Thanks for listening!

Nice work! Yes, Kenny G on Synth… A little change up by adding some harmony to the lead would really add some spice to the whole tune and change up the sound of the solo. The synth pad is very nice.

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Thank you! I definitely appreciate the feedback!

Hey Marcus. Thank you very much for this refreshing point of view. New harmonies for old melodies. :+1: :+1:. Many times this forum seems to be an orchestral soundtrack focused forum, but I think is good that we all try to go beyond, as real world do, showing different styles to fit the same emotion. Today, soundstracks are not as they used. It is something more eclectic, maybe because the heterogenity of people’s feelings is taking every aspect in life.
Wow, how serious… :rofl: :rofl:
Well done, man. Thanks fro sharing

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Thank you, too, Vicente. I didn’t think about this perspective. LOL. I just wanted to put out a different take on some of the holiday music. To your point, I often hear (incredible) orchestral arrangements or jazz arrangements. Rarely do I hear ambient or country or folk arrangements. Maybe next year I’ll go with one of those genres. LOL.

Thank you again. Merry Christmas!

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Purposes for the new year: bring new musical genres, even more, to the forum music. :sunglasses:

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Sounds like great goals to me!