Cypher one and the dark emergance

Ok basic premise of track…

Sci fi setting - Enemy and hero enter scene they size each other up and a fight starts, the two try to get the advantage but enemy breaks off

Our hero starts pursuit through a degrading city scape scanning for enemy - the hero spots the enemy and stealthily creeps towards them. While the enemy lays traps - Suddenly the enemy sees them and they rush up a derelict skyscraper - his goal on site the hero in pursuit.

The enemy reaches the console and starts hacking it.

The two have one last fight hitting each other and both plunge off the top of the skyscraper- fade to black…

I watch far too much anime!

Ok kind of revolves around C locrian not actually a huge amount of chords or pads more sound design stuff 4/4 105bpm. Was planning to ramp up with drum and bass section but ran out of time.

Used red room palate,
Albion 1 (Brass)
Arturia analog lab.
Carbon Electra
Synthmaster one
A few samples
TDR nova
Bx subsynth

Done a lot on iPhone GarageBand, NI maschine and rough mix in logic.
End sections need more work really just ran out of time. Not happy with it Like the overall theme and feel but just makes me realise I need to learn more theory, orchestration. Least I’ve managed to sort of finish something. Had a really nasty Viral cold/flu bug last few weeks and pretty much can’t hear out of my left ear at moment. Lots of top end roll of with block eustation tube. Anyway any feedback gratefully recieved - way to hard on myself anyway - was very nearly not going to post but then I thought if I don’t I won’t learn as much. Thanks for listening.


Ace track, especially as a lot was done on your phone!!

Nice levelled mix, and the themes are very cool. Very much reminds me of themes that were being written in the mid Late 90’s early 2000’s. Really enjoy the string like synths too!

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Thanks - might start using phone to sketch out ideas more - use my commute time productively along with working through courses etc. Track ended up being very synth heavy.

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Definitely wasn’t a bad thing, and there was nothing in Mikaels brief that said you couldn’t make a synth track. It was very good!

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