Current projects

Disclaimer: This track is a collection of various samples.
I’ll admit I do not have a solid grasp on all of the genre choices, but it lives somewhere around Hip Hop.
In keeping with my introductory message my vision is to create tracks that artists/singers/rappers etc would want to record. Ultimately being able to utilize some of the magnificent sounds this community is creating and blend them into my tracks represents my overarching vision. Creating a vibe is what it’s about.
Track is 100 bpm and all of the samples were, I guess you could describe as neutral. Maybe somebody can answer that.
I used the DAW Cakewalk which is the least likely name I would select to describe the platform. It’s not the easiest to maximize all the functionality and I’m sure my level of expertise factors in somewhere, but you understand my point. I’ll follow this track up with another that different in style.

This track falls into the Dark Synth area which includes sounds that I really like and have a need for more samples. 100 Bpm with some Cm and Em.
At this stage of my journey depending on whatever samples I encounter that my ear connects with determines what the direction will be. Additionally, I am humble enough to accept any and all feedback. There is much to learn and if it adds context to where I’m at these are my #9 and #10 tracks. Thanks