Cubase Artist 11

Hello I,m new here but my question is
Is Cubase Artist 11 in many ways good as Cubase 11?

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I think so, depends on what you need?

Artist and Elements are literally just restricted versions of Pro, so it all comes down to which features you’ll be using, physical I/O ports you need, etc. MIDI/audio/instrument tracks are already unlimited in both Artist and Pro, so no issues there. (Elements is not fit for virtual orchestration due to its restrictions there.)

As a Pro user, I’d miss the Control Room (Great for managing speakers, headphones etc, especially if you’re using calibration plugins!) and Import Tracks from Projects (very handy if you don’t like working with full templates), and there are plenty of “nice to have” features, like Expression Maps, Audio Alignment, Group Editing, a more advanced Score Editor, tempo detection, Logical Editor and various other features in Pro - but these are all things that aren’t strictly essential, and some of these aren’t even found in other DAWs, so it’s not like you can’t work without them.

thank you for the reply, i am going to upgrade my cubase

If you want to score films, you need the Pro version of Cubase which contains the Warp tool (which is the tool we use to sync to picture) :slight_smile:

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