Cubase 10.5 released

Steinberg released today its new .5 update for Cubase bringing Cubase to 10.5

All the new features can be found here:

Everything working smooth here and loving the new smart tool and spectral comparison EQ!


Yep, yet again, they’ve added a bunch of features I’ve been missing on a regular basis. Obvious upgrade.


yes very is a lot good news in this update, let get it if you have cubase

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Such a shame that they charge to update every time :frowning_face:

With them updating a bit more often recently, I wonder if a subscription model is in the works (like AVID)…

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Well, they all have to make money, one way or another… I’d much rather have optional paid updates like these, over most subscription models - in particular those implemented by Waves and Avid, for example, which are outright abusive, especially if you only use their stuff every once in a while. (I don’t even do that now, and I’ll likely abandon both Waves and Pro Tools entirely, if I don’t absolutely have to use them for collaborations or something.)

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Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t encouraging subscription models - just pondering whether it was in the works for Cubase / Steinberg.

And I’m not bashing them for charging for updates. I just mean that it’s a “shame” because it puts off a lot of people from moving over from other DAWs with free updates (i.e. Logic).

So the “shame” is that some people may be put off making the leap to Cubase.

Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised, as it’s a widely “accepted” approach these days, unfortunately… :-/

Well, that’s a complicated problem, I think… Of course, some people will whine about everything being too expensive no matter what, but never mind those; that’s a a lost cause. However, I can certainly understand that having to pay for updates for something that already costs a few $hundred in the first place can put people off. OTOH, adjusting the price to compensate for free upgrades would probably not result in a well received price point either. I don’t envy the sales people having to make these decisions… :smiley:

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Video export and the EQ compare feature are worth it for me, they just need a dynamic EQ built in and I can stop using neutron.

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Well, I use FabFilter Pro-Q3 for advanced/dynamic/surgical EQ (nothing really comes close to it, IMHO), but I do use the strip EQ for “normal” mix adjustments, as it’s nice and handy when flicking between tracks. The compare feature should make it even more useful in that context, as (I assume?) it’s automatically aware of all the other tracks, without manually inserting EQ instances on them.

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It’d be really nice to be able use the channel EQ more as I normally have hundreds of tracks and it gets laborious adding plugins to everything when I just need something quick and surgical. Also means I can see EQ across lots of track at once in the mixer view.

I’m still using mainly the Slate bundle for my broad ‘musical’ EQ changes but I’m liking where the channel EQ is headed. Dynamic EQ would be great and maybe even EQ matching, like in the bundled curve EQ.