Creative Distortion with Ravage VST Plugin

Hello Composers! :slight_smile:
Check out this super massive deal on the Ravage VST Plugin by SoundSpot, which is a creative distortion (movement) type plugin. I think it looks and sounds pretty good, what do you guys think?

Main Features

  • Heat things up with 6 distortion types: Digital, Tube, Diode, Lin Fold, Zero Sq and Rectify
  • Add movement to parameters using custom-drawn modulation shapes
  • Destroy parameter pushes the signal even harder through the distortion processor
  • Pan the distortion across the stereo field
  • Tailor the distortion response with filtering, input/output gain, and dark/bright weighting
  • Reverse, Smooth and adjust Pulse Width for modulator signals
  • Auto output control compensates level when Drive is increased
  • Oversampling is set intelligently behind the scenes to ensure the best sound quality

Nice! I see that Evade is also on a substantial discount right now.

Haven’t heard of Evade, had to look it up. Hmm, envelope shaper but setup as an LFO…interesting. :slight_smile: