Created a list of artist that create ambient music in that genre

Hi Everyone,
I went to Spotify to look for some Ambient Music
and found some I think :thinking:
But I was wondering if somewhere in this community I cannot seem to find it
But maybe others in this community or Someone created a list of artist that create ambient music in that genre
so others will know what to search for?

Thanks Inadvance


Great question Brian, I did add a list of examples in my Ambient Music Course…here they are:

Soundtracks with Ambient Music

Giona Ostinelli - The Mist
Mark Isham - A Family Man
Ryuishi Sakamoto - The Revenant
Hildur Guðnadóttir - Chernobyl
Jóhann Jóhannsson - Arrival
Don Davis - Beyond the Sky
Marco Beltrami - A Quite Place
Dario Marianello - Everest
Angelo Badalamenti - Stalingrad

Albums with Ambient Music

Eric Whitacre - Deep Field
Elyvium - Copia
Hammock - Universalis
Goldmund - The Malady of Elegance
Max Richter - The Blue Notebooks
Helios - Moiety (Album): Nothing it Can
Niklas Paschburg - Oceanic


Thanks Mike that awesome :grinning:
The artist I came across on Spotify were

Brian Eno
Steve Roach

Are thing Ambient Music Artist ?

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There are many artists and composers in this field, I believe every new style/genre you want to learn how to compose and produce for…make sure to listen to as much music as possible in many variations of the style, while also trying to analyse what is going on :slight_smile:


Don’t forget about 4’33 by John Cage! The orchestra is sitting around 5 Minutes and nothing happens, first you are like: “What are they waiting for?”, and then you realize: “Ah, they are waiting for the end of the piece…haha!” :smile:


Oh yeah I heard about that, but never actually listened to the piece…can you hear like background ambience of the orchestra room? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow that interesting :thinking:
there times he looks like he going to start to play but just teases the audience over time with little gestures of moment
and just like that it’s over :astonished:

This is the way I feel when I try to start a musically idea and just stare at my Mac screen and time just goes by

I also think this is a great lesson in just listening very closely with the surprise of anticipation

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The playlist I came up with while doing the course

This genre is huge and spans way back to early electronic music and a lot of classical Verge on ambient.

There’s pretty much ambient sub genre of most main genres -ambient dub (the orb, trans global underground), chill step(blackmill, sizzlebird, Phaelah), techno(aphex twin, Autechre), industrial ,dark (solar fields, AUN), downtempo/chill hop/trip hop ( massive attack, Thievery corporation, boards of Canada). The list goes on.

Artists like Brian ENO, Aphex twin, tangerine Dreams cross multiple sub genres - in fact a lot of Ambient is incredibly fluid and very broad.


what about:
Deep Forest - Deep Forest (1992)
Frederic Rousseau - Tsunami
Klauss Schulze - Mirage


do you think that the first album of jean michel jarre (oxygnene and equinoxe) can be considered has ambiant music (but only in some part like oxygene part 5 and 6, the begining of the Part 1 and Part 2 and equinoxe part II) ?
what is your point of view ?

I think a lot of Jean Michel Jarre could be seen as ambient. Thing is with ambient is there is a lot of crossover and mixing of genres. Can be generally slow changing tonal (or non tonal) usually with less structure. Although some have drums, More soundbed or texture although You can get some drum and bass that is very ambient in style like Aether, Wilkinson Tritonal or Netsky.


Some ambient from Moby , sounds real good imho.