Cover of This Is Halloween by Danny Elfman

Genre/Style: Musical film score cover, Danny Elfman style

Creative Vision for the Track: I wanted to do something fun with my kids for Halloween. We love this movie (The Nightmare Before Christmas) so they helped me make a cover of “This Is Halloween.” Danny Elfman has always been one of my favorite composers too.

First I did the mockup of the music. Once that was done we recorded our vocal tracks. We split up our parts into the different characters and figured out who would be who. Then we did a couple of passes at each part. For my kids I recorded video and audio at the same. I used the audio in Logic to do a vocal mix for everyone and synced up the video in Final Cut later. For myself I did a few recordings with video and then several more without video. I planned on filling out most of the choir myself and then featuring my kids tracks above that.

We did a few vocal effects on some of the tracks, changing the formant, the pitch sometimes, and a lot of layering of different takes.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
Tempo is around 85 throughout. Key changes quite a few times.

Main Instruments used:
Mostly used Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra and instruments from Orchestral Tools Musio. The saxes came from Kontakt’s Factory Library.

This is enchanted! Absolutely wonderful!

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Love it! Great fun! Great production!


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