Cover: Final Fantasy VII - Mako Reactor

I couldn’t find any rules if covers are allowed here, so feel free to remove this if this is not appropriate.

From time to time, some weird inspiration hits and l end up trying to do some cover stuff and I really don’t know if it’s wise to mess up with the classics but this time I just wanted to give a shot.

Original track (composed by Nobuo Uematsu) is from a game Final Fantasy 7 which was released back in 1997 for PS1 and for me it’s still one of the best games ever (and has one of the best soundtracks). Remake of the game (or actually the 1st part) was released this year, but this cover is more about the track from the original game.

The track itself is very simple and can be cut down pretty much into 2 parts. For me it was the haunting feeling that it created back in days. In some way I wanted to cherish the feeling but still go ham with more harder stuff.

I actually constructed the track from end to beginning. The goal was just to get more experience in mixing and learn more about mixing in sort of symphonic metal genre. It seems like really hard style to get even some decent results. So am I happy with result? Partly, lots of things that I couldn’t dial in but again, really good session from learning perspective.

So… let me know how this worked for you, especially for those who are familiar with the track and game? I hope and believe that there should be at least couple :slight_smile:

And as always before: any feedback, criticism or even roasting is warmly welcome!


This is a great cover Riku! I’ll need to listen a few more times, but I didn’t find anything disagreeable or any glaring problems. Definitely an Uematsu fan myself and had the great opportunity to do a meet and greet with him…funny guy :grin: I’d recommend checking out The Black Mages if you’ve never heard of them. It’s Uematsu’s hard rock band where they do rock/metal versions of his Final Fantasy music.

Great job!

This is great! I really love the sound of that lead synth. What choir did you use for the background choir? It added a great effect.

And, whoa, I was legitimately surprised when the guitars came in. Awesome! Guitars maybe a touch too up-front, but it might just have been my dying earbuds.

FF7 is one of my favorites and this captured the feel very well.

Thanks Matt! Oh, you have met the maestro himself, I’m a bit jealous now :slight_smile:
I highly appreciate all the stuff that Uematsu has done so far and yes, I know The Black Mages. Not probably the best arrangements of the songs in terms of metal (just my opinion) but very solid and enjoyable nonetheless.

Hi Mike, Thanks for the feedback!

There was actually 3 different choirs :slight_smile:
In the very beginning there was MA2, In the middle MA1 and in the heavy part I used Oceania.

It’s nice to hear reactions to that last, metal part. I just wanted it to come straight to face with guitars but I definitely check the guitars once more. By up-front, do you mean that guitars are too loud or should I use some other methods to get those more in the back? Still learning this stuff, so all the information is very valuable.

Yes, I was meaning the level on the guitars. I’ll have to have another listen with my good headphones, but in my earbuds the guitars seemed a little hot. The tone sounded good, so I don’t think it’s an EQ thing, just level.