Conversion Process in Logic Pro X

Conversion Process in Logic Pro X

Hi Everyone,
In Logic Pro X
How to Convert the following

1.Stereo to Mono
2.Mono to Stereo
3.Audio to Midi
4.Midi to Audio

Thank You
And I book mark these answers so
I can refer to them as I need them

Audio to Midi:

MIDI (software instrument) to Audio:

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Stereo and Mono button in the Logic mixer:


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I did what you said
I record just a single note
Step 1. select track
Step 2. E key (audio editor)
note:make sure your in the track view
Step 3. turn on flex pitch
note:make sure it on Flex Pitch
Step 4. go to edit tab to Create midi track from flex pitch data
but when I play back midi track very very low recording play back
the audio file was alot louder?

now it will not have anything in the midi track
I going to record a you tube video show you and what it sounds like and maybe you can help then

Note, this is only to get the actual notes from the Audio to MIDI. You will never get the “same performance” with volume or anything. It’s just a neat little trick for people that struggle with hearing what notes are played.

PS. I personally never use this method myself, as I can much faster get better results by actually playing the notes in MIDI manually with my keyboard. :slight_smile: