CONTEST: Win Prizes for Engagement! (Closed)

Hello Composers and fellow members of this Amazing Community! :slight_smile:

This week (August 19-25) I have an Engagement Contest in this community. Why? Because a community needs engagement and activity to be vibrant, valuable and fun! :smiley:

The 10 Top Members will Win all the Following Prizes

  1. Get Featured & Promoted as a Composer in a Pinned Post
  2. The Course: Cinematic Music Composition - Rhythm & Percussion
  3. The Course: How to use Synthesizers for Music Production

How to Win?
Easy, just be very active and engaged in the community this week: start new topics, ask questions, reply to topics and join the discussion etc. :slight_smile:

The Winners will be Announced here
After this week is over, I will check in my admin statistics for this community for the most engaged members this week, and announce the winners here.

Good luck everyone, and stay engaged in this amazing community for all composers with high ambitions for your music! :smiley:

PS. Even if you sign up today as a new member, you have a good chance of winning since I will only count the engagement THIS WEEK! :wink:



ooooohh Thank you Mike :smiley: I hope to win in this amazing “Contest”, this community will grow very faster


Exactly my idea with this competition is that everyone can join, and it is super easy. And the whole community will benefit with more new topics, posts, replies etc. :smiley:

Great idea for some of us more shy composers. I like the idea of community engagement & helping each-other out. Thanks again for creating a place for us to trade ideas about how to better ourselves at our craft!


Hey Sean, you don’t have to be shy in here. I am the most introverted person like ever…but not online! :wink:

Yes, I was first thinking of doing a music contest, but then I realized what this community needs to really kick off…is more engagement. More new topics and threads, more replies and more discussion. More sharing of insights, asking of questions, giving, learning and so on. :slight_smile:

So I came up with the idea to run a contest where the only thing you need to do is be more engaged in all ways possible in the community! :stuck_out_tongue:

PS. Music composition contests will come too, you can bet on that haha.

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You’re always on the grind. I appreciate that. Its nice to see… Sometimes I get so burnt out. Knowing I have all of you guys in the same boat as me helps keep me inspired.

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Thanks Mike, I appreciate you giving us all a push. I myself get caught up in my own BS and think that what I may have to say is not so important or relevant in the overall scheme of things,I intend on posting a few things this week.

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Hey Mikael! I already bought this course from you! nevertheless I appreciate your leadership to make this channel grow, so I am in.

There are soo many topics I’d like to share my experiences, mostly because It’s been a fast journey for me into this EDM thing (which I love for years, but the real incursion is recent)… so I have all this trial-error very fresh and I’ve made some bad decisions investing in some plugins that are just marketing strategies…

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I can see this community growing and growing. There should be more people in the world like you Mike.
The community is going to help so many people on so many levels, what ever level they are at.
I’ve already told a few friends & hope they join too

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Thank you Mick, I really hope so. :slight_smile:
And thank you so much for your kind words. Absolutely, invite everyone you know that compose music. I already feel it is starting to take off, and it’s only been live for 4 weeks! :smiley:

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What is we are scared to ask questions because we are new and don’t want people to think or talk down because of the questions I ask ?

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Hello Brandon,
I think you should ask any questions that would help you as a composer. So please do join the discussions in the various categories of topics. :slight_smile:

I founded this community to be friendly place. The rules are very strict to make sure the atmosphere is always respectful and helpful. If anyone “talks down” or acts in any kind of disrespectful way, I will issue a warning and later kick out if repeated.