CONTENT ID questions

Hi guys, how are you?

I’m starting to sell my songs through POND5, MOTION ELEMENTS and other websites … And I always promote my songs through my YouTube channel. I recently signed up for a Brazilian music distribution site, and to my surprise my songs were denied because they had content id. Is there any way to put my songs on YouTube without having the content id? Or would I rather let it go and not put my songs on this website?
Thank you!!

Hello Edvaldo,
It usually works so that your distributor when you publish through them your songs, they will add it to YouTube Content ID. But you should still be able to upload your own songs to your own channel. Have you emailed the distributor about his issue? They should be able to explain how to deal with this issue.

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Or did you mean your music was denied by the distributor simply because you have them on YouTube? That seems strange, if so I would look for another distributor. seems to be one of the best ones right now.

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