Concert Band Opener -- Video of Mockup with Score

Concert Opener

Main Instruments used:
Concert Band plus Announcer

Creative Vision for the Track:
Used as the first piece of each of the Medalist Concert Band’s summer concerts it’s purpose is to introduce the band, the guest / featured artists for the evening, and the conductor. The conductor takes the podium during the timpani roll and directs the band through to the end of the piece. The piece segues into another timpani roll which starts the playing of the national anthem.

The band used a different piece for the majority of it’s fifty years of existence. This piece was a new introductory piece to celebrate the band’s 50th Anniversary and to be used for subsequent summer concert series.

I chose to quote “In The Good Old Summertime” as this is for the summer concert series.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):

  • The piece starts with a concerted rhythm with percussion and tubas. This was pragmatic since those instruments sit in close proximity to each other. Since the band starts without a conductor (it’s counted off by the percussion) I wanted the tempo and rhythm to lock in immediately without any lag between count off and entrance.
  • Note that the same rhythm is repeated over the first few bars to reinforce tempo and lock the full band in place.
  • Places for the announcements were marked on the parts so band members knew when to duck under the speaker. They were also marked on the parts. I worked to keep motion to a minimum under the voice over.
  • I provided the voice over for the attached video. My wife is the regular announcer for the group.
  • There is a long, sustained chord before the conductor’s introduction. This varied week to week as we featured different sections, artists, and guest conductors. All other parts of the script (the ones I intoned) were the same concert to concert.

I am the principal trombonist for the Medalist Concert Band.

The attached link is a video of the full concert band score along with the mockup.

Summer Opener – Stan Bann


Hey Stan - My first post in the forums after my intro, so nice to say hi and bare with me a little :slight_smile:

Great compositional work and I could just picture that good ol’ wholesome gala vibe. Love to hear it played live and It must be great to be a part of the band with your own music! Good fun and nice work!


Thanks and welcome to the forum!!

I’m in several bands and, like most trombone / euphonium players, one of the first things out of my mouth usually was “oh, and I write, too!” There are so many of us that it becomes somewhat of an inside joke.

I notice you’re from London. There is a very talented trombonist / writer there by the name of Mark Nightengale who I’ve communicated with several times. We’ve sent music (printed and recorded) back and forth several times. If you have a chance to catch him performing somewhere I highly recommend hearing him live!

During the summer Medalist usually features soloists from within the band. I make it a point to arrange something for myself and my wife (who is a stellar clarinetist) each summer.

I look forward to hearing more from you here! Stay in touch!

Take care!



Thanks Stan. I’ll keep an ear out.

You know, at school, I brought home a trombone and wanted to learn and play in the band… too loud for the parents though lol. Now I have good ones in my headphones, so… :grin:

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