Conan - what exotic instruments are used in “indulgence mettle”?

Does anyone know what specific exotic instruments were used in the track "indulgence mettle” by Basil Poledouris from the “Conan the Barbarian” soundtrack?

Even if not “exact specific” instruments, what might best approximate them? I’m using EastWest Opus.

Thanks in advance!

Around 1:06 I would try a clarinet, adjusted for velocity and try transposing it higher, and after that, try a marimba. Please let me know if any of this works.
If you have Logic, you can even go to Sculpture Modeling Synth and make up your own sounds, or create sounds in Alchemy.
Great that you are taking this on— it shows creative daring.

Awesome, thanks Dori!

I’ll likely have some time tomorrow and wil try that.

So I made a VERY rough version as a proof of concept.

After looking around I never really found any other sources that say what exotic instruments were used so I just picked a few that might sound ok.

LOTS of negatives and nasty (just freehanded from the keyboard, no effects or mastering, etc) but I think it might do for a start!

For the “rhythm” chords, I used a Hurdy Gurdey and an Arabic Qanun.

For the melody I used a Persian Ney, a low Whistle, and a Flute.