Composition : the sultan adventure

Hello all
just want to share with you some composition i have made
you can make some feedback on it, more i have feedback more i learn from my mistake and from your idea and comment

thanks for listenning

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Where’s the camels? :smile: I really like this. It reminds me of what you might hear in “Lawrence of Arabia”, in the marketplace.

Pour moi, cela ressemble beaucoup au monde arabe. Surtout l’introduction. Il y a les instruments de percussion, les voix et ces motifs récurrents. Ensuite, la vitesse de la chanson augmente. C’est un petit voyage arabe pour moi. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais le monde musical de l’Orient a quelque chose de magique.

ce qui concerne
Klaus Ferretti

P.S. I hope my french is acceptable

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yes your french is very good
thanks a lot Klaus for your feedback and more than that in fench, french language is not very easy to write :wink:

I agree with Klaus - the music of the East has a very magical feel to me, as well. And, I’m envious because as much as I want to attempt music in this style, I find I get stuck in old Western sounds. In some ways, your piece reminds me of something that could be in an Assassin’s Creed game installment. Nicely done!

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thanks a lot for your feedback on my track
i agree old western sounds and East sounds have little similarity but it’s very different in the form and with the mode used