Composition : the strange shoe house

here is my last composition for the picture scoring challenge of the composer challenge FB group
try something diffrent in 3 parts
time signature is 3/4, tempo is 140
key is C minor
the instrumentation is a classial orchestra
the composition is in 3 parts A (exposition), B (transition) ,A (return to exposition)

ensemble ( con sordino, harmonic, flautando, pizzicato, spiccato
Violin 1 : long
Violin 2 ; long
Piccolo ( short staccato)
Flute a2 ( long, short )
Oboe a2 ( long and short)
clarinet a2 ( short and long)
bass clarinet (long and short )
basson (long and short)
Brass :
Trumpet ( staccato)
horn A2 ( long, short)
Trombone ( long and short)
Tuba solo ( long and short)
Percussion :
Big Drum, cymballs, timpani, triangle
celesta, glockenspiel, harp and piano

thanks for listening

Awesome!! Loved it.

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Wonderful! Great use of the 5 note motif (I think that’s the correct word…), allowing the listener to be quickly captured and carried along as the music progresses. Nice arrangement and use of the instruments you chose. What is the source of your sounds? I really like them!


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