Composition : star trek Tribute

here is my last composition
it is for a challenge on FB, the theme was to compose a track for Star Trek
first i try to find a little memorable leitmotiv on the piano, then i develop it , the form is A, A’, B, B’, A
there is about 40 tracks in my project on cubase artist 11
the instrumentation is classical and follow a classical symphonic orchestra
Strings : violin 1, Violin 2, viola, celli, double basses
articulation used : long, harmonic, flautando, short spiccato

woodwinds : flute a2, Clarinet a2, Oboe a2, Basson, piccolo, bass clarinet
articulaton used : long and short spiccato

brass : trumpet, horn solo, horn a2, horn A6, trombone a2, tuba Solo
articulation used : long and short spiccato

percussion : bass drum, cymballs, snare drum, timpani


library comes from spitfire audio ( symphonic string, brass, woddwind, albion one) , orchestral essential from strezov sampling

no additionnal plugin

thanks for listening


Great Florent! I’m a big Trek fan and this really sounded like it would fit right in.

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thanks a lot Matt, it takes me a long time working on it

Good build up and a stirring theme.
The march certainly fits the Star Trek musical language.
I enjoyed this Florent. Well Done! :yum:

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thanks a lot Charles

I like it! Once the march part comes in it actually reminded me of the original Battlestar Galactica theme from the 70’s. Nice arrangement. My only critique was that the cymbals seemed too up front. It’s like the orchestra is down in the sound stage playing but the cymbal player is standing next to me in the control room. Maybe needed some extra reverb to get him down into the room.

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thanks a lot for your feedback, good idea for the reverb