Composition : rosetta stone

this is my last composition for the noctaventure challenge number 238
the theme was to illustrate the rosetta stone with a tribute to the great composer Vangelis

for this composition, thetempo is 112bpm, i use a scale with arabian color
the instrumentation is hybrid :

  • lot of virtual synth for the theme (juno60), bass ostinato (jd800)
    there is also classical instrument (tuba, trombone, string, woodwind (flute, clarinet and oboe), timpani, cymballs, the rythmic sound is the tr808 from the roland cloud
    some fx are used with the library evolution dragon ( subs and braams), and some hardware synth (roland mvs1)
    thanks for listening

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You definitely grabbed the Vangelis flavor, I particularly enjoy the middle eastern touches;
listening to fresh compositions always gives my musical spirits a pleasant nudge.

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