[Composition] new compo : the strange shoe house

here is my last composition for the picture scoring challenge of the composer challenge FB group
try something diffrent in 3 parts
time signature is 3/4, tempo is 140
key is C minor
the instrumentation is a classial orchestra

ensemble ( con sordino, harmonic, flautando, pizzicato, spiccato
Violin 1 : long
Violin 2 ; long
Piccolo ( short staccato)
Flute a2 ( long, short )
Oboe a2 ( long and short)
clarinet a2 ( short and long)
bass clarinet (long and short )
basson (long and short)
Brass :
Trumpet ( staccato)
horn A2 ( long, short)
Trombone ( long and short)
Tuba solo ( long and short)
Percussion :
Big Drum, cymballs, timpani, triangle
celesta, glockenspiel, harp and piano

thanks for listening


Great one Florent! Really enjoyed this. A bit dark and creepy with a little fun, mysterious touch. I thought the pizzicato arps in the celli/bass were the right touch.

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thanks a lot Matt

Florent, I really enjoyed this! This has such a simple and clean sound and at the same time sounds full.

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Great fun! The interplay between the bass and high parts is clever. I like the orchestration and variety that you used, especially the more solo-like horn(s) in the second section. The energy and big return, cymbal crashes to the third section are awesome.

One thought to build the momentum and interest would be to do a modulation in another key up. Perhaps the third section or return of the first theme around 1:50 would be a good place for this. Great work!

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Thans a lot brandon for your feedback and totaly agree for the modulation