Composition : My submission for the Spitfire audio challenge

Hello all composers
here is my work on the video bridgertone for the spitfire audio challenge
first i have taken this challenge as an exercise
try to find the sound color appropriate to the sample of video to match with the era
so for the instrumentation some woodwind (flute, oboe, clarinet and basson), strings, some brass (tuba, trombone and horn), some percusion like triangle, timpani and snare drum
there is two tempi 80bpm at the begining and 120bpm for the rest
key is C major and i use some triton to make some question at the end of the letter sequence
thanks for watching

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Fantastic score! It fits the video like a glove.
Great job!

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This music is perfect! You did a masterful job!

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thanks a lot Rick

thank you very much Dori

Nice work. Which plug-ins did you use?

i use mainly the library BBC symphonic orchestra free edition, the ostinato is the library spitifre audio epic string, and the harpsichord is from the korg oasys

I think you’ve really nailed the genre of music and time period. Very well done. You create lovely melodies and orchestrate the instruments so well. Wish I could do that as well as you.
My one possible critique- I wonder if the music could maybe be a bit more attuned to the dialogue; as there are a few places where it seems to compete with the words.
My two cents,

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thanks a lot, and you’re right, after listening again and again i have concluded the same thing