Composition : Little Lied

Hello composers
glad to share with you another work.
for this one the chord are given, we can use them in root position, 1st and 2nd reverse, and can also add a 7th, 9th and other note
the given chord are : Ab / Bb / Eb / D
here is my progression chord used in this trask
2X :
Dm - Dm7 - Dm6 - Daug - Dm - Dm7 - Dm6 - Daug - Dm - Eb - EbMaj 7 - Eb6 - Eb - Eb Maj 7 - Eb6 - Eb

Ab - Ab sus4 - Ab - Bb - BbSus4 - Ab - Ab/Eb

Dm/F - Dm - Dm7 - Dm6 - Daug - Dm - Dm7 - Dm

the instrumetation is only virtual orchestal instrument ( String, woodwind, brass, percussions, choir)
tempo : 92

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Very dark and dramatic. I don’t know why, since it doesn’t sound anything like it, but it reminded me of “Mach To The Scaffold” from Hector Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique.

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thanks a lot Matt for your feedback

A very nice dark piece with a lot of weight to it without being over bearing or crushing.

I fundamentally like the concept of having a set of D&D dice with chords & keys on them lol - I use actual D&D dice in my story writing doe certain events to give it an air of organic chaos.