Composition : la Bataille de goldorak ( grendizer battle)

Hello all composers
here is my last composition for a little challenge called the noctaventures.
the noctaventures is a little challenge in which the theme is given on saturday 6pm and you have just 24hours to compose and send your composition to the admin.
the theme for this one is to illustrate musically the battle of grendizer, the robot from go nagai (goldorak in french)
tempo : 140
key : no key, i use a scale
the instrumentations is classical orchestra
the ostinato is played by low string (cello and double bass) and some woodwind
melody if played by brass ( horn trombone, trumpet) , woodwind (flute, clarinet, oboe, piccolo(for the end)
percussions (timpani, cymbal, suspended cymballs), and the great damage library
but also clock tictac sample, some great sound from keepforest evolution dragon

i try to illustrate the battle in an epic orchestration with a lot of tension

thanks for listening


Awesome piece, Florent, as usual! Everything mixed really well. Which orchestral library/libraries did you use, BBCSO?

the library is spitfire abbey road one and symphnoic brass
percussion is damage 1,some fx are from evolution dragon

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Very nice- good motion, tension, use of the various instruments!

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Haha ça me rappelle des souvenirs d’enfance car j’écoutais Goldorak dans ce temps! :slight_smile:
Belle composition!
Nice job

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merci beaucoup pour votre retour sur ma petite composition, moi aussi goldorak a bercé toute mon enfance avec albator, capitaine flam et ulysse 31 :slight_smile: