Compose A Custom Cue For The HBO Series "Westworld" And Win Prizes!

Hey guys,

for everyone who doesn’t know yet. There is a great competition and a fantastic chance for you to be part of something REALLY BIG!

HBO Westworld and Spitfire Audio decided to give away a cue, so you can compose your film music to it! Let’s be honest, I have waited for years to have this kind of chance! Here is the link with all information:

You have 4 weeks to make it happen. I think it’s enough time, even if you work full-time right now. I give you my screenshot, so you can already have a basic overview of my session. I have sketched like 70% in one day already. I hope that helps:

Last words: Even if you don’t have a lot of time right now, don’t force yourself to finish until the deadline, just do whatever you can do physically and mentally. Even if I could compose for the next 14 hours straight, I don’t do it. It doesn’t help me and my music at all. The most important thing is to first sit down and try to see the end-result where you want to go and start breaking this project down to super small steps. You really don’t want to sit in front of that screen for hours and being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start, how to start, and what to do next.

If you participate, break down the cue in small parts and try to think about what could work for that scene. Specific instruments? Tempo? What kind of instrumentation? Easy or complex harmony? Etc.

If you have already answered those questions before you start composing, your process will be MUCH EASIER, and you can be much more focused then sitting there and fiddling around what could work or not.

Enjoy, have fun and if you have some questions, don’t hesitate to ask! :slight_smile:

To your success,
Alexey :slight_smile:

PS: See this cue not as a competition, see this cue as your winning ticket to impress your NEXT client! What I have seen during the years is that people participate in these contests because they can win a library or whatever they want you to win.

I don’t participate in this type of competition because I can win something. I really don’t care about the prize, however, I care about how I can take it to my advantage to learn from it, improve, implement and show the world (my potential clients) what I can do.

Why? Because my clients don’t care about what libraries I use, what plugins I use, or how my studio looks like. They care about the end result, they work and pay me because I finish the task they’ve given to me. And one last more thing: Don’t take your music critique to personal, if someone criticizes you. The only thing you really care about how YOUR CLIENT thinks about it, not another award-winning composer, not your neighbor. So don’t be scared, don’t pay attention to what NAMES are on the screen. Just do it for your personal development, even if you don’t have time to finish it before the deadline.