COMPLETED: The Flesh Parade - Now with 100% more Drums and Cowbell!

I would have added this my previous post as a comparative - but the EDIT option went away.

Genre/Style: Dark Indi-Metal

Creative Vision for the Track: I have lyrics I need to record, but the track is about “The Flesh Parade” - an (obviously) fictitious party that travels the land absorbing any and all seekers of pleasure and debauchery as they pass through.

Here’s the chorus (the part after the nasty, filthy guitar riff breaks away from the initial core of the track) so you get the idea of the vibe I’m going for.

"Life is quiet til’ it comes 'round,
The greatest party ever found,
You can’t shame us, we’re not proud,
We just march The Flesh Parade.

Full of sins you can’t describe,
Every pleasure, every size, so
Hide the kids and feast your eyes,
As we march The Flesh Parade.

So don’t be nervous, don’t be shy,
Don’t let the party pass you by,
Come on strangers, come on friends,
Come and join The Flesh Parade!"

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): C major (C major run, C major jump, C major roll over), 4/4 Beat at 120 Tempo

Main Instruments used: I had to manually play 2 drum kits for the entire song one after the other because there wasn’t an auto-drum for the tunes erratic off-beats. This was actually A LOT of fun. :smiley: I also added minor additional baseline transitions, 2 Vibraphones, a finger cymbal, and a Cowbell because it’s THE FLESH PARADE! So why the heck not, right?

Final break down on intruments:

4 Rock Guitars
2 Liverpool Base
5 Picked Base
3 Ehru
2 Vibraphone
Grand Piano
Wuhrlitz (totally spelt that wrong) Piano
4 Rock Drum Kits
2 Liverpool Drum Kits
Finger Cymbal (that hits only 1 note)

And as always, any feedback good or bad is appreciated. Hope you all enjoy - and I hope to see if I can get acceptable vocals on my computer.