Complete process from scratch to final mixing

Hello composers,

i have a question. Is it possible to desing a complete music composing process?
Normally I start with a chord progression, a melody line, some bass or percussion. Then i add my effects. What effects do u use and why? Reverb, Delay, etc? Do u add them on the whole track, a single midi item or to the master mix?
Next step is Mixing or EQing or both? - how do u do that?
I am a bit confused if this is the correct order.

Let me know what u think about it, what i am missing or doing wrong, and what is a good order to archieve a realistic sound design.

Thanks to all,

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hello good post
well, here is how i proceed to compose

  • find an idea or a theme on the piano, i always start with the piano
  • if the idea is good, i try to create the sound palette using woodwind, brass, string, percusison, choirs, ethnic and synthetic sound, samples
  • after i use my daw to start recording the track and dress it up
  • finalize the orchestration
  • check the balance between trebble, medium and basses, then correct it by adding instrument
  • listen to the final track, adjust the level and the panoramics of each tracks
  • add effect if needed ( reverb, chorus, flanger, distor, filter, EQ, delay, voice process)
  • mastering the compos and check the final level add eq, dynamic process (compressor, limiter)
  • export it in real time and high definition like 44.1khz 24bit is enough but you can use 96khz

but play, listen correct or modify and start again till you hear the perfect track sound

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I rough mix on the fly …start with melody or bassline …then add the chords and then percussion …I set my levels up So I hear what I like …So I’m setting levels on the fly … once I get all the tracks down and have a rough mix , I go back and listen for clicks, pops or timing errors (and of course wrong notes …)… I then use eq on each track to carve out the instrument space …Depending on genre and instrument I’ll cut the bottom end off around 35-37Hz …my drum tracks are multiple tracks and Ill buss them together and use a compressor plugin to glue them all together …on the master channel , I’ll add a multi band eq and a limiter…