Coming Home (Ambient Music Contest Oct 2019)

Hello guys,

never composed anything like that…what you hear and ambient music in general…

Here is my entry:

Nothing fancy, easy harmonies. If you listen closely, the whole instruments are almost not quantized at all, I thought it would make sense if everything is floating, loose, etc. Next time the track will be longer if the time will allow me to do so :wink:

I used Native Instruments, Project Sam and 8Dio. Maybe someone could tell me which libraries I used exactly. The “distorted pad” is one patch from Bowed Glass Clouds from “Riot Audio”. The library was completely free a couple of months ago, but the sounds are great in my opinion (like heaven).

If you want to know anything else or want to give any feedback, good or bad, write it down below! :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Alexey (JLX)


Really nice, I like it! :slight_smile:
Very glassy/shimmer kind of vibe contrasted with that low pulse, all embedded in a sweet pad-like atmosphere. It feels magical, and great crescendo to finish with too Alexey.

Project Sam Lumina? 8dio, which library?


Thank you @Mikael!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the big once from Project Sam, but I used Orchestral Essential. I like to mix it beneath the main instruments to give them more space and power.

8Dio Adagietto Strings and Alto Flute. What I like most are the Dynamic Patches, great for slow music.
Oh and the Lacrimosa Choir is in there too, but just to lift the motion to some bars. You don’t hear it, but in the sum you feel it.

Everything else is NI.


Really great soundbed. Just a thought - perhaps use a transient designer on main lead melody line just to soften them - think the track would work without having them in at all or experiment with just having the output of a long reverb rather than the glassy glock sound itself - just an idea. Think :thinking: I get too rapped upon sound design ideas sometimes. Lovely track though


Yeah, actually a great idea! Next time I will cut the transients out so you still hear the melody but without the natural transients :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile:

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Wow, very impressive. I get a cinematic vibe out of it, towards the end I was expecting a drum roll and full orchestra banging in like Hans Zimmer would do it!

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this is why I actually called the cue “Coming Home”, as the last impact is as someone came home, back to his roots, and the film is over. The last hit has actually a timpani-roll and a low end hit. What I find most interesting about this cue the I end the piece at the V (dominant), but it doesn’t feel like that at all!

I’m not sure if we need another Hans Zimmer :slight_smile:


very interresting track
do you have multiple layer that play the same note, the sound is very deep, it sounds like as if there is 3 or 4 sounds superimposed
great track

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Hi @florent83,

thank you very much! Glad you like it!

Yeah, so the idea is basically if the music is simple, you still need to make sure, that you get enough interest going on, otherwise you will lose attention which is obvious :slight_smile:

So there are two things which I always try and do as good as possible and detailed even if there are subtle moves:

  1. Layering, as you said, is playing one note, but using more than 2 layers, which could consist themselves from at least 2 layers. It gets really interesting as you can’t really hear exactly whats going on, but you hear the pitch and the movements.

  2. Automation of different parameters, using filters, delays, reverbs, distortion/saturation, panning, and so forth. Of course using automation with bars and tempo, so you still get musical results.

What works great as well: You can start to play one note and automate another note into the first one, which starts to disappear. Then it seems like everything is super connected and flowing around without “sample-interuption”.

Kind regards,
Alexey :slight_smile:

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