Color of Africa

here is my composition for the facebook group composer challenge, the theme was to compose a track using only the chord given by dice
for this challenge the dice show : E, F, Gb, Bb
try to have an ethnic approach using ethinc instruments and percussion, and some african voices in my tracks
thanks for listening


Hi @florent83,

I really like the whole idea! The dice “thing” is something interesting and actually a really cool way if you lost ideas and are stuck.

My recommendation for the time that is kind of that genre…add a voice that is played backward* a.k.a “reverse” and give it a really nice big room – cathedral for example.

*or record your voice with a long reverb, record the reverb (the Aux-Send-Return / FX-Bus / (whatever your DAW calls it)) then reverse it and put down beneath your track:

Two things will happen:

1.) Another interesting & exciting movement + texture -> you will instantly get out of a 2-dimensional mix and…
2.) Depth / Space

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Take care and be amazing!

To your success,
Alexey :slight_smile:


hello Alexey
thank you very much for your feedback, in fact the voice is a library but you are right i always forget to process the voice to get it deeper or better creating a new dimension as you said
thanks a lot for listening to my track

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Good morning @florent83,

if I will ever say the word “better”, then not because I think it’s better or anything. Just different approach, different idea. Who am I to tell you what “better” is? Who am I to tell what “music” really is, or mixing or anything else.

If I ever open my mouth, I try to say “recommendation”, as I have realised many years ago, that people tend to “hate” you for saying what is “better” for them. Even if I have achieved maybe a little bit more with music, or even life, in another sense, I am not a godfather of these things.

That should be clear. I have my opinion, I share my thoughts, recommendation and my experience. I will never say someone, DO THIS, because it’s better. And even if I use that word, I don’t mean that.

We should understand that “music” will in all cases be “over” us, will be “bigger” than us. It’s a language people speak. And even in a village outside a bigger cities there are different accents.

When you compose music, you compose from your heart in first place, and your hands and brain try to understand and do what your soul is telling them, translating the emotions.

Remember: Not better, but recommendation or a thought, or an idea.

PS: Even if we go outside music, and someone tells you in business: “Hey, do this, it’s better for your business!” It’s a total lie for me at least. Why? Because even your business is different from someone’s else. People like to spend more time with people they like, even if they are NOT skilled objective “better” (I call it “fact”), than with people who are in fact better, but are arrogant & egoistic businessmen. Or am I wrong?

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Good Morning Alexey
sorry if i have misused the word “better”, i agree with you
i am not a professionnal, just a novice try to compose something in music even if i am following a lot of course to understand the music , and for me having a feedback is a chance to understand my mistake in order to progress and go forward
and as you said :
“When you compose music, you compose from your heart in first place, and your hands and brain try to understand and do what your soul is telling them, translating the emotions.”
i totally agree with that

thank you to take on your time to listen my track and to make a feedback on it


I think this is awesome. I love the floating feeling I can see an Island from way up above and then coming closer to a beautiful island 300px-Baleteshore with fishing boats in a harbor. I really like this alot…great job

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Bonjour Florent,

This is very nice. Love the vocals and the overall sound palette which you used for this.

As far as music is concerned, it sounds good. My recommendation would be to add more dynamics. I feel I miss some more/less expressive moments. Otherwise. Good job.



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