Climate Change Song

For the Love of this Land tells us what is needed to limit over-heating of the earth so that future generations will have an opportunity to live. The song melody came rather spontaneously and has a 3/4 polka feel.

The song has been produced by Studio Pros in LA in the key of E. There is an 8 bar climbing sequence that shows up twice.

Currently I am putting together a Logic version with 3 part harmony, drums, bass, etc. I am relatively green using Logic / recruiting vocalists / recording vocals, so the development sounds pretty rudimentary at this point. Ideally, I hope to collaborate with other musicians, singers, producers, who share a vision of curbing climate change. Your feedback on collaboration / other will be appreciated.

Best regards,
For the Love of this Land

Hi All,

I intended to send the Studio Pros vocal / guitar version:

For the Love of this Land

One more time:


I like it a lot. Very folky! Quite well produced too. Would say the harmony vocal could do with a high shell and then a deeser for clarity but it’s spot on otherwise. :slight_smile:

Thank you Geoffrey. I appreciate the comments. I believe a high shell boosts the highs up to a point. Let me know if so or not. Best, Peter