Classical music nuances notation to control midi value

during the live with Mikael on the october contest, we talk about the correspondance of the musical nuances
i have a chart with control midi value for the dynamic and the meaning in a classical music notation



Ah nice Florent! This goes even more in detail than the one I found, which started on ppp then goes to fff. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

here is the signification of mp, mf…and so on
i don’t know the name in classical music for pppp and ffff
but in classical music latino or italian word are often written in the beginning of the score (with the tempo like andate, moderato, lento and so on)

ppp : pianinissimo
pp : pianissimo
p : piano
mp: mezzo piano
mf : mezzo forte
f : forte
ff : fortissimo
fff: fortississimo

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