Chopin Prelude n 20 - orchestral version

HI all,
I orchestrated Chopin’s Prelude # 20 using the Spitfireaudio BBC SO Core library. I used only the strings and for the melody I mainly used the clarinet and the fluato with an addition in the first part of the oboe to enrich the sound.

For me this is a study of both orchestration and orchestral mixing, so any suggestion or criticism is welcome.

Thanks all :smile:

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Very nice job Roberto. I don’t recall ever hearing the original piece by Chopin, but it did remind me of his funeral march in Bb from his Sonata #2. I’d say any suggestion about orchestration is that, if it’s well orchestrated, it should’t need much mixing at all :smile: but I guess that applies to mostly real orchestras. My preference if possible, is to use a library that is recored all together and has one or two main mic mixes. That makes things a whole lot easier!

Thanks Matt,
BBC SO Core is recorded in the same studio, but there is something in the mix that changes the strings and makes them almost synthetic. I’m trying to figure out if that’s how I chose the violins orchestration or if it’s in the mix, although I haven’t changed the library sounds in the tracks much.

Yes, the piece is quite e funeral march, but it a chord progression and I wanted to try to orchestrate just a chord progression not a melody.

I will try to modify the instrumentation and see what happens.