Charity fundraising - 2 new releases - Nordic 2 for Omnisphere 2 + Desolate for Iris 2

Two new releases from Triple Spiral Audio and one major update from Beautiful Void Audio.
All earnings between 17 December and 6 January 2020 from the 2 new releases are going to the Save the Earth foundation.

New releases:
Nordic 2 is a new soundset for Omnisphere 2 with a dark ambient character, perfect for use in underscoring and use in film, game and library music productions and contains 100 presets and 15 multis and is created completely with custom soundsources

In the presets there is an extensive use of the modwheel, aftertouch, pitchweel and sometimes CC2 to enhance the sounds.

The soundset comes with 164 soundsources and is 700MB in size. Requires Omnisphere 2.6
Available for €20 till January 6 without VAT - regular price after that is €24.95 (with VAT)

Desolate is a new soundset for the synth Iris 2 from Izotope. It has a dark ambient character and is crafted to be used in film, game and music library productions.

The soundset has 64 patches, crafted from original content . All the patches have the 8 macro controls assigned. The soundset is 945mb in size.
Available for €10 till January 6 without VAT - regular price is €14.95 (with VAT)

Radio Tape: Update 1 by Beautiful Void Audio
This library is now on sale for €10 (VAT included) and 30% of the earnings go to the Save the Earth foundation.

This is a free update for existing users of Radio Tape. The update more than doubles the sample content and sample size of the library, and almost triples the instrument count. While the new instruments are inspiring and unique (like the ones in the initial release), the 61 new patches are not quite as experimental (for the most part). Therefore, you may get broader use out of this new set.
Most of the instruments are still based on the warped sounds of tape and sound fx from the devices themselves (whether it be static, squeal, or hum). However, some of the new sounds are the morphed sounds of voices and violins which were first recorded onto a tape cassette or vhs.

61 new inspiring and unique NKI patches, in 5 different categories
106 All New Samples, most 96khz, 24bit (789MB).”

On behalf of Triple Spiral Audio, Subsonic Artz, Beautiful Void Audio, Heartwood Soundware and Channel Robot we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best wishes for a great 2020!

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There is one week left to grab the Omnisphere 2 soundset Nordic 2 for €20 and the Iris 2 soundset Desolate for €10 and still all the earnings are donated to the Save The Earth foundation.

With this donation (and doing a personal donation as well) I really hope that in the long term we can find a good way to maintain our beautiful planet and that we and also the generations after us (not only humans, but everything) can live a healthy and good balanced live here.

Thank you all for the support, with a contribution of my own I donated €4200 to the Save The Earth foundation!

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