Challenge: Cinematic Percussion in 10 min

Hello Composers, Mike here! :slight_smile:
Watch my Video Challenge where I create a Cinematic Percussion performance in 10 min!

Watch Video on YouTube here

PS. I hope you got some behind the scenes tips and inspiration from watching this, and I encourage you to try this “challenge in X amount of time” yourself. A great exercise in workflow speed and focus! :smiley:

Cinematic Percussion in 10 min


I found this challenge interesting, so I decided to go in, this time I have done something more tropical, a mix between Cuban rhythms with an epic touch, I have used 6 tracks of instruments and used a lot the function of duplicating for the notes that are repeated during the track , so I can speed up the process for the repetitive parts:

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Link does not work, did you set it private Luis?

oh, Thanks for telling me, I uploaded it to Drive and modified the link in my reply

Nice! I like the mix between epic and tropical! :smiley:
It feels a bit odd with this much overall reverb in this style though, but that might just be me being not used to it.

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Thanks a lot Mike :slight_smile:, I didn’t actually add the reverb, but several samples were with far mic

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