Capitol Idea String Arrangement Contest

A musical statement about events at the capitol, does not take sides and not meant for political analysis. I wanted to make that clear because in playing for some people they were somehow not getting the point that it is just a neutral depiction and I am not trying to provoke anything pro or con, just relate my emotions. I am not even going to say what I think. All the instruments are string sound sounds from Lab sounds. I had been interested in avant garde/ambient/minimalist music and was listening to that kind of music for a couple of weeks before I decided to enter the contest so that was perfect way for me to get my first at writing in this style. I probably should have tried something more conventional but really wanted to do this even though it was a new adventure for me. I tried to maintain a balance of ambient sounds, effects, repetition, with trying to create some tension and resolution. I did use Cello, Bass, Viola, Violin and some of the weird sounds generated by those instruments in the Spitfire collection.

Melody is pretty much the pizzicato violin. I tried to use as many articulations, variations as possible without going crazy and getting the piece cluttered up Some auto filters were used, particularly towards the end. Tempo is 86 bpm. Thanks for listening.


Pure. Vibrant. Hypnotic. :clap: :clap: :clap: From heart to ear. :+1:

That was interesting and inspiring, with great textures!

I don’t know about conventional… From the perspective of competitions, it that just means you need to do what everyone else does, except better! :smiley: From the learning perspective, I think there is a lot to learn by trying new things, way out of one’s comfort zone, so I definitely believe it’s a good idea to do that on a regular basis.

Thanks! That was a very encouraging review.

Thanks for your remarks! I am very pleased with your response.

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Wow, that was really cool Gary! Bernard Hermann would approve! I wouldn’t worry too much about conventionalism, since music of modern composing is for other media needs to be more textural to picture and stuff like what you did here is what you’d hear in film/TV.

I am really glad that you enjoyed my piece. Thanks for your remarks, I really appreciate it.