Buying a used but maxed out Mac Pro 6.1 (Vader's Trashcan)?

I have been wanting the new Mac Pro, but it is so darn expensive. I have therefore starting checking the listings for used/refurbished Mac Pro Trashcan models as an alternative. A maxed out one is still way more powerful than my current iMac. Can it be worth it? I know @DMT is very happy with his Mac Pro. What do you think @Keith, since I know you are very tech savvy. Can this be worth it for me?

This is the spec of the maxed out version:

  • Intel 12-Core Xeon 2.7 GHz
  • RAM: 64 GB
  • Graphics: 2 x AMD FirePro D700 (6GB)
  • Drive: 1 TB SSD

PS. Before you mention it: PC is out of the question as I am entirely deep into OS X software for all my work, and since I run a business I would never build a hackintosh. So a “real” Mac is the only route for me, please respect that.

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The new (2019) i9 iMac will be quicker and might be a better option depending on how much the ram costs. The Mac pro and new imac Pro are faster but a lot more expensive. If you can might be an idea to see if you can pick up a refurbed 2017 iMac Pro/top end iMac that would be quicker and you get a very nice 4K screen. Also be more future proof for a while longer.

There has been some GPU reset issues with trashcan but when they work the tend to be very quiet and be a bit more upgradable although you can’t change the internal SSD but there is a SSD slot but it has a proprietary apple interface - there are workarounds but its a bit complicated. You can of course have external storage.

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Thanks Phil,
I’ve also heard rumors of a new iMac coming very soon, which I assume would bring the prices down for the 2019 model or older refurbs.

My 2013 iMac is starting to feel very sluggish now that I use way more high end libraries and plugins, so sometime this year I really need to upgrade to a new Mac. I wonder if they may release a new Mac Mini this year with a faster CPU. That could be a potential candidate as well.

Definitely looks like both IMacs and minis are due for an update.

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Regarding SSD replacement - it’s not difficult at all now. Sintech makes an adapter that allows you to connect an nvme drive from various manufacturers. Just did it with a 2TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus. I might consider using an Intel or WD Black drive also. Just used to Samsung. Getting 1400MB/s reads from it, which is the best one can get from that PCIe 2.0 connection, which is what the 2013 MP has. That’s been fine for most things.

As a side note, there’s room for a low heat sink in there. Use one.

Sintech NGFF M.2 nVME SSD Adapter Card for Upgrade MacBook Air(2013-2016 Year) and Mac PRO(Late 2013-2015 Year)

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Since the new Mac pro launched, I’m finding IMAC pros coming up for sale already … 3600 CAD Dollars.
8 core , 32 gig … can’t remember the storage capacity … but here an IMAC pro can run from $5500-$13000

So , I’m holding off … I do plan to buy but for the amount of studio time I get right now ( which is just about zero) I’m reluctant to make the jump …( even though my 6 core 5GHz 64 Gb “Hack” is running fine…) … So myself if I can get a “used” 8 core IMAC Pro then do a 3rd party memory upgrade it makes sense to me… I think this will be more inline for me …

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and we have some trashcan models on the buy and sell as well

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I am keeping an eye on the refurbished market, since I run a business I will only buy from a dealer that gives me at least 12 months full warranty. That limits my choices, as there is basically only one such dealer of used Apple hardware in Sweden.

I’m finding the used IMac Pros still have AppleCare coverage …I just dont know how AppleCare works? Is it transferable with the Machine?

So you’ll fine the imac for sale with applecare coverage till say 2021 or 202x …or beyond…

Don’t know, but the Mac Pro 2013 definitely don’t have Apple Care. But I can still get it with 12 months full warranty from the dealer.

I will keep an eye on the iMac Pro market, but so far haven’t seen even one refurbished one here in Sweden.