"Bran's Mystical Voyage"

I submitted this composition to The Great American Song Contest for 2022 and placed as a Finalist. This competition has submissions globally so placing as a finalist was very encouraging. Active participation in Professional Composers and other similar composing sites is a great way to accelerate your learning and skill development. Hope you enjoy this piece as much as I did composing it.

Genre/Style: This composition was written to try and capture the mysterious experiences of Bran maic Febail and his crew on their seventh/eighth century voyage to the Otherworld. In this place called Emain there is perpetual spring / summer-like weather, no want of food or water and no sickness or despair - but departing and returning to Ireland, the

Creative Vision for the Track: I chose to judiciously use the Harp and reverse cymbals as well as violin portamentos and choir vocals to achieve a sense of mysticism.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): Tempo is 100 BPM, Key is Dminor. The tempo is varied to create a sense of tension and release.

Main Instruments used: Strings, Military Drum/Bass/Piatti, Choir, Harp, Piano and Vibraphone, Low Brass, Flute/Clarinet/Bassoon


Hi John- You achieved your goal. This music is mystical and sounds like an encouraging voyage at the same time. Varied instruments work well together.
Congratulations on being a finalist.

Hello Dori … thank you for the helpful and encouraging feedback on Bran’s Mystical Voyage.
You are the first person I have received comments from and I really appreciate your taking the time to
write down your thoughts.

Hi John- I am hoping you will compose more and post it for us to hear many more times! I love listening and your work inspires me. Keep at it and you will see incredible growth. Sincerely, Dori