Black StarsIntro by jphturtle

RULES for the Dark Cinematic Music Contest

  1. Only new tracks created & published in November allowed
  2. Only YouTube or SoundCloud links are allowed
  3. Make sure to include a track description in your post

I just finished this piece for the Dark cinematic music challenge. I hope that you like it.

It’s short, but I composed it as if it’s an intro, or a cue to a scene depicting a negative universe, all the stars are black.

I used Myriad-Melody assistant, and Reaper to do the majority of production of this piece, and polished it up in Audacity.

It’s in the key of C minor, with a lot of flat 6 chords to make it sound a bit more eerie.

I used a lot of reverb, and a free VST called thump to bring out the bass of the drums. Also in the initial composing in Melody assistant, I syncopated the glockenspiel to make it a bit more interesting…

In the polishing in audacity, I used a few of the special affects on the final note.