Black Friday - Dark Music Contest (Nov 2019)

Hello guys,

absolute no time this month to do a final version of this one, I hate excuses too :wink:

Here is my small mockup version from today. A cool challenge to do something in a couple of hours…Of course not finish, but better than nothing, right? :slight_smile:

Drop some ideas, as I will continue working on it later when time allows :slight_smile:

Have a great week and good luck to all of you!

Kind regards,
Alexey :slight_smile:

PS: As this track is not finished, I can quickly write down what needs to be done later.

  1. Obviously more compositional details, like little risers here and there. There is a double string section part, which I believe will sound cool later on.

  2. As the track is super simple, (main idea), the mix should be top-notch. No EQs at all. At the moment I just slammed the drums too much, not a lot of good dynamics. So the main goal will be to create super punch and fat drums and percussions. As well a lot of automation is required, especially volume-wise. The small nuances which are now hidden somewhere, need to have more presence.

  3. Mastering: Clear master is a must here. A lot of space to create good dynamics and balanced overall volume-transitions, as the piece is cut into two parts.

This is definitely not a common “trailer track”. I believe it’s more like a game or a movie soundtrack.

As I said, maybe you can come up with some ideas as well AND the name of course. As all of us are waiting for the black friday to get some awesome things for the studio, this is NOT my final name. My ears are widely open :wink:


Awesome Alexey, is that your guitar playing btw? :slight_smile:

I agree, always cool to challenge yourself with super fast workflow to make something in a short time.


Well, thank you Mikael! :slight_smile:

Actually I can’t play the guitar, but I know how it should be played, so I just grabbed my lovely “Shreddage” and experimented with some articulations :slight_smile: I believe, if here are some real guitarists, they will probably say that this is “fake”, so they hear it’s fake, if not, I did a good job.

It’s funny actually, that I more and more pick guitars to compose…I don’t know why, but I just like the sound, as it give me that “fullness” for the track and especially the cool licks and riffs. I love it. When I produce beats, I try to always implement guitars in the beats as well.


The second part reminds me of Frank Klepacki a lot. Good job!


Funny…had no idea, that he composed CC. :slight_smile:
Glad you liked it. Need to finish it later :wink:

Sounds as if it’s an evil army of monsters preparing for war. But the sound is a bit clipped throughout.

Hi John @jphturtle,

the sounds indeed have saturation and distortion, but not the “technical mix”. What do you mean exactly?

Kind regards,
Alexey :slight_smile:

It seems that in the beginning, the deep breathy thump (not the drums in the background) seems to sound a bit crackly.

Yeah, exactly. This is the sound I thought about as well. It’s a sample from Orchestral Essentials by ProjectSAM. The sound itself is a little bit distorted, so it has more kind of extra bite :wink:

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