Big Bang Orchestra

Hey Guys,

has anyone heard of Big Bang Orchestra?
It seems to be a tutti orchestra library, absolutely free.

idk if i am allowed to post the link here…

but u can google it very easy.
Is ist worth to buy the elicencer and use this library? Is it a standalone VST or an nki instrument??


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Yes, I got the full version of Big Bang Orchestra, called Andromeda. Check out my video demo of it here:

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sorry mike, did not recognize this. is it just download their player + library, stick this usb dongle in and play?

you have two version a free that will be called lite version , there is a lof of tutti in great color, i have both the free and the paid version, it sound very great and powerfull
very use full for epic by example or to play great hit orchestra

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yes, thats what i wanna do :slight_smile:

but i need to wait for this usb dongle. unfortunately it doesnt work with the eLicence :frowning:

Really? I think it should work with eLicenser dongle. They say so here:

Sorry, I meant this Soft eLicense thing, where the licence is stored on the harddrive.
the dongle is about 20€, i think i will buy it in the next days…

Ah I see, yes you need a hardware dongle. I generally don’t like USB dongles, but I got this one as I wanted to get into the VSL range of products. And I am sure there are some more developers that use e-licenser.